In August of 2016, Texas Monthly crowned FOLC’s brisket and pork belly creation as the number one burger in Texas, beating out burgers from Austin, Dallas, Houston and the best kitchens across the state!

"It’s hard not to salivate when this burger lands at your table. Known for New American fare that combines elegant plates and complex techniques, Folc delivers a brisket-and-pork-belly burger that offers a near-salacious experience. Cast aside any notions of neatness, because your linen napkin will definitely earn its keep. The tender patty has an over-the-top 70-to-30 meat-to-fat ratio, but what sends it over the moon is a slice of seared pork belly. The duo pairs well with a sunny-side-up egg—sop up any runaway yolk with Folc’s excellent blanched-and-fried fingerling potatoes." -  PATRICIA SHARPE